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Show your support to the “Seneca Lake 12” by attending daily vigils for Michael, Sandra and Melissa, writing letters to the editor, or donating the legal fund!

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On April 17, Michael Dineen, Sandra Steingraber and Melissa Chipman of the “Seneca Lake 12″ were sentenced to 15 days in jail for refusing to pay the $375 fine for blockading the gates of Inergy on Seneca Lake on 3/18.

Michael is in Schuyler County Jail, 106 Tenth St, Unit 2, Watkins Glen, NY 14891.

Sandra & Melissa are in Chemung Co Jail, 211 William St, Elmira, NY 14901.

VIGILS will be held every evening, 6-8 pm in BOTH locations until their release. They are expected to be released on Th, Apr 25 — for “good behavior.”

The 3 have been in touch. The jails are cold and they are deprived of books and social interaction. In honor of their sacrifice, let’s try to grow our movement. Sandra requested that in lieu of writing to her, please write Letters to the Editor instead. RSVP here so we can see how many are participating and report that to Sandra, Melissa and Michael. Feel free to copy your LTE and send it to any or all of them, to keep up their morale.

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To find addresses of local papers, just type in your zip code here: . Scroll down on that page for some tips on submitting LTEs.

Talking points about INERGY:
1) The salt caverns Inergy is proposing for storing explosive butane, methane and LPG (liquid petroleum gas) have been deemed UNRELIABLE.
2) Inergy’s plan to transform the Finger Lakes into the “NE hub of transportation for LPG” will bring us a NET LOSS OF JOBS. They are only promising fewer than 10 jobs, and they will destroy the wine trails with all their truck traffic and air pollution.
3) Inergy has violated the Clean Water Act for every quarter in the past three years.
4) The salinity of Seneca Lake is rising because Inergy has been dumping 22 tons of salt into it DAILY for over a year, with no end in sight.

WE CAN BLOCK INERGY. A law suit is in the works, and Senator Nozzolio and the Seneca Bd of Supervisors want Inergy to remove itself from the edge of our beautiful lake, which is drinking water for 100,000 of us. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP RAISING AWARENESS.

THANK YOU! We can get this done, together.

Donate to the Legal Fund:

On Monday March 18, 12 students and residents of the Finger Lakes area successfully blockaded the Inergy LP natural gas storage facility on Seneca Lake. They were arrested, and now face $375/each in fines.

Inergy, a Kansas City, Missouri company has purchased salt mines with a plan to store natural gas at the base of Seneca Lake. The mines are proven to be unstable and major explosions are likely. The courageous blockaders challenged the natural gas industry who is sneaking infrastructure in through the back door.

If you feel they stood for you, please consider donating to the legal fund, and help us share this link broadly. Shouldering the burden collectively will demonstrate broad community opposition to Inergy.

Four hearings are scheduled on the following Wednesdays at 7pm in Reading Town Court, 3914 County Rd 28, Reading Center 14876 (just north of Watkins Glen): 3/20, 4/03, 4/17, 5/01.